East-West Mounting
System ZIM 2 EW

Our products are manufactured using precise CNC tube laser technology, so you can rely on cost-effective and innovative solutions. The system is easily adjustable in terms of inclination and height.

East-West Mounting
System ZIM 2 EW

  • Installation by pile driving or concrete foundation.
  • Variants from 3 modules – 4 modules in portrait or 5 modules to 6 modules in landscape orientation.
  • Clamping by module clamp or slide-in system.
  • Quick an easy assembly due to few components and large table geometries.
  • Height, distances and inclination adjustable during assembly.
  • C-rails used as integrated cable trays, no cable ties necessary.
  • The durability and resistance of the system is guaranteed by high-quality components and a certified galvanizing process.


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