Sustainability in everyday corporate life is an essential component of the strategic corporate management of ZIMMERMANN PV-Steel Group.

Ecological electricity

Renewable energy through facades photovoltaic modules.

An active integration of sustainable measures distinguishes us from our customers and employees. The optimal compatibility of economic growth and sustainability is the basis for a functioning society and also for our environment.

Ecological electricity has been generated at all company locations for many years. The company’s new administration building sets completely new standards in this area! In addition to the roof surfaces, the facades of the headquarters in Oberessendorf were also equipped with photovoltaic modules. In addition, an exhibition park for the various substructures was integrated into the park-like outdoor facilities. Of course, this is also connected to the company’s power supply. The sum of the areas exceeds the company’s own electrical energy requirements. Despite complete self-sufficiency in the power supply for daily operations, surpluses can be fed into the grid and thus regenerative electricity can be made available to the company.

Electric mobility is moving in.

The company uses the electricity it produces itself not only for heating and electricity for the building. As an employer in the field of renewable energies, it is a personal concern of the management to pass on the benefits to the employees. The ecological footprint of the individual has long since ceased to be limited to waste separation and the economical use of resources. All employees have free access to the charging stations for electrically powered vehicles. The company vehicle fleet is already being converted to electric mobility. 

The internalisation of the measures for a sustainable everyday corporate life has led to us being the proud owner of the environmental certificate from the summer of 2020.

Ecological footprint

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